Successful Selling

Tips and Strategies for Sellers

When it comes time to sell your home, you can't mess around. In this market you have to be better looking and lower priced than your comparables to even stand a chance. Professional Realty Services agents are experts in helping sellers set up and market their homes for a fast sale. There are over 180 things we do for our sellers.

Here are some tips home owners can do to prepare their home for sale.

Start on the outside first.

If the picture doesn't draw a buyer in, you know they are not going to make an offer. The first impression has to be the best. If your view is what your home has, then show off the view from the best angle and the best light. If not, show the home as manicured and clean as can be. If you can't paint the house consider updating the trim. A fresh coat and make a world of difference. Set the home off with a good contrasting color of flowers that works with the shade of the home. Stick to one or two colors and make it dramatic.  Keep lawns perfectly green with sulfuric nitrate and lots of watering.

Once they are in, keep them in with a well-staged home

Keep colors neutral and clean. No personal photos or taste specific decor and keep collections and nick nacks carefully packed away for the new home. Buyers want to notice square footage and they need to see each room as it was meant to be so they can envision their belongings in the rooms. Don't over furnish rooms with excessive pieces. Keep the flow from room to room easy and keep soft lighting around in the form of lamps instead of overhead lighting.

Be aware of smells.

There is nothing worse to buyers then walking into a home that is saturated with pet odors, smoke or mold. Buyers don't want to instantly think of all the work to be done with a home the moment they move it. Keep the house move in ready by  cleaning every nook and cranny carefully and  eliminating any off odors. Place a calming, not overpowering air freshener in the furnace filter for the same soft scent throughout the home.

You want buyer to have a sense of calm and inviting when they enter your home. You want them to feel as if they could move right in and wouldn't want to look at any other homes. For specific help on your property, contact one of our agents today. Professional Realty Services has agents that sell in almost every County in the Northwest.