Home Inspections

Do you really need a Home Inspection?

The answer is yes! Hands down. But here are some practical reasons why.

This is your biggest investment - you want to know as much as you can

For most people, owning a home is their largest asset and investment. This is also where they probably spend most of their time. It only makes sense to know as much as you possibly can about it before buying it. A good inspector can tell you just a bout everything in some detail about your home. Inspectors are skilled to know a little about everything. If there is something they are unsure about, they make recommend a further inspection.

Having an inspection helps plan for the future.

If you know that your furnace is in good working condition but only has about 5 years left, this is good advice because you know that in 5 years you will have to replace it. This can help start you saving now for it. Same with the roof, water heater and any other major purchases that will come down the road. If you plan on selling in that time, remember that the buyer at that time may ask you for the repairs or updates before they buy. This is all things to take into consideration before buying.

You can be aware of larger problem areas.

Then you will have the option of renegotiating or terminating the purchase all together. If an inspector recommends a further inspection of the wiring, septic or roof, its best to do these. It may be a little more money initially but can save you thousands knowing you don't have to put in a new $13,000 septic system 2 months after you move in.

With these simple tips in mind, why wouldn't you get a home inspection. It's  a little out of pocket expense for a lifetime of peace of mind. Give us a call anytime for reputable inspectors.