I'm a lifelong resident of Washington and avid adventurer. The mountain is always calling the skier and backpacker in me. My prior profession brought me to exotic places such as China, the Philippines and Singapore, where my husband and I spent our 25th anniversary dining on Brazilian churrascaria.   As an accomplished computer software engineer, I observe the world through a different set of eyes where logic, form and function come together to build a great product. I'm a creative problem-solver and brilliant organizer, my natural creativity permeates every transaction and brings new ideas to the table. Through my prior work as an engineer, I've also developed a strong sense of perseverance and tenacity, while retaining the flexibility needed to move the transaction forward.   Twenty years later, I'm living a new adventure in Real Estate. My creativity, knowledge of databases and experience gained while writing software allows me to assist buyers and sellers in non-traditional and unique ways. I notice the little things which may make a difference for you. In addition, my extensive work abroad with multicultural teams uniquely prepares me to work with people from a diverse set of cultures.   My latest adventure is a radio show called "Lockin' it In with Deb & Per" on KLAY radio, now a podcast steaming live on Facebook every Friday at 1:00 pm. My loan officer first mate and I enjoy informing you about  real estate and related topics with our guests.